Balt Extrusion

BALT manufacture (Montmorency - France)

Quality is one of BALT's main objectives
Balt quality is the continuous research for products which are more user-friendly, simple and more and more reliable to use. This compatibility with the gestures of clinical practitioners is founded on the particular attention that Balt always pays to the opinion of those who use its devices.

The quality of Balt products is also based on continual research to improve materials and production methods. The quality of Balt products is not only due to adapted designs, but to the strict control of each item and quality insurance procedures at each stage of production. It is also ensured by the the rigorous control of raw materials, biocompatibility and apyrogenicity.

Finally, Balt’s quality is the key element to the ongoing policy of improvement to methods of extrusion, injection & assembly. A production team of 50 people is permanently trained in order to guarantee Balt’s performance and the quality of its devices.

Workshop (Montmorency - France)

Our quality certificates and international registrations
- ISO 9001
- NF EN ISO 13485
- Directive Européenne 93/42/CEE
- Foods and Drugs Administration FDA- USA (some products only)
- TGA - Australia
- KFDA - Korea
- PMDA - Japan